About the Conference

Biology today is moving in the direction of chemistry. Much of what is understood in the field is based on the structure of molecules and the properties of molecules in relation to their structure. If you have that basis, then biology isn’t just a collection of disconnected facts.

— Linus Pauling

Dear Researchers,

Chemical science and life science are playing very important role in our day today life and the most of the pharmaceutical inventions are purely depending on these two research areas. The branch of chemical science and life science are well connected to each other. The recent advancements in the chemical research involve interdisciplinary approach connecting many branches of research. The structural biology is one of the well familiar and most emerging research areas of molecular biology. In order to understand the human metabolic activity, or bio-chemical activity, or enzymatic activity, or bio-catalytic activity, we need to know from the electrons, orbitals to macro molecule structures such as proteins and enzymes.

The complete overview on the advancement research of electron to orbital, orbital to chemical bond, chemical bond to small molecule and small molecule to macro molecule like proteinstructure gives a complete and clear information about the their activity.

The chemical biology with structural biology including several interdisciplinary areas will offer grate in-depth knowledge with new ideas. Keeping these in mind, the International Conference on Chemical and Structural Biology – (ICACSB-2019) is planned by PRIST University to connect people from different domains of chemical biology during February 19-21, 2019 in Chennai, India (PRIST, Manamai Campus)

ICACSB -2019, the International conference on Advanced Chemical and Structural Biology will provide an unique forum to discuss the recent developments in the interdisciplinary areas of Chemical and Structural biology and broadly cover the topics listed below. The conference will showcase the research on recent advancements in these areas, starting from the basics to structural biology. Chemical and Structural Biology are closely related interdisciplinary research areas having its borders with computational chemistry, crystallography, molecular biology, biochemistry, bio-physics and spectroscopic methods, to name a few. World leaders including a Nobel laureate and many leading scientists from India and abroad will deliver lectures on key topics in the conference. In addition to this, short duration lecture for scientist and poster sessions for young researchers are planned. This three day event will definitely provide an excellent platform to exchange the scientific knowledge and dissemination of the research outcomes that will definitely help in shaping the future directions in chemical and structural biology research.

The Congress is currently planned to begin in the early Morning of Tuesday February 19 with keynoter lecture and for three days there will be a mix of Plenary Lectures, three parallel streams of Invited Lectures and short lectures, and a Poster Session.

The venue for ICACSB-2019 is the recently completed, state-of-the-art lecture halls in PRIMS complex of the medical college of the PRIST deemed to be University,

I look forward to welcoming you to ICACSB2019 at Chennai in February 2019.